Elevate Your Cooking with Gourmet Salts


When you step into your local Evoolution, the olive oils and balsamic vinegars catch your eye. Sleek bottles with colourful labels full of aromatic goodness are real attention grabbers. But beyond our extensive selection of oils and vinegars lies a hidden gem: Evoolution’s rich variety of gourmet salts. 

Salt: The Essential Ingredient 

Salt and humankind go way back. This iconic mineral has been used as a food preservative, a seasoning, a medicine, and even a currency! Salt is also a necessary part of our diets and is essential for maintaining our basic body functions. As such, our taste buds have evolved to be highly sensitive to it and to crave a salty sensation in our food.  

“Without salt, agreeable tastes forfeit their prominence, and they are unable to prevent disagreeable tastes from asserting themselves.” – Hervé This, French chemist & gastronomist 

This delicate balancing act of enhancing good flavours and masking bad ones is what makes salt such an important part of cuisine. By bringing out sweeter notes and tamping down the bitter ones, a little salt goes a long way in a delicious dish. 

Salt Varieties 

Everyone is familiar with sodium chloride, or good old table salt. And while your standard shaker of salt will get the job done, there is a dazzling array of different variations on this essential ingredient that can elevate your cooking. 

Specialty Salts 

Evoolution’s specialty salts allow you to adjust the texture and even the colour of salt in your food.  

Maldon Flaked Sea Salt, from the east coast of England, has light, airy crystals that melt cleanly into roasts or fillets. Also a popular addition in breadmaking, flaky salts add a light crunch and polished look due to their crystalline pyramid structure.  

Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, from the Guérande region of France, is a superb garnishing salt that adds a subtle texture and flavour to finished dishes. The traditional method of harvesting this salt using wooden rakes ensures that the delicate crystals are not damaged during the slow and deliberate process.  

Himalayan Pink Salt, gathered in the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan, provides a pink hue to finished foods and has a pronounced crunchy crystal mouthfeel. This rosy salt can be ground finely or left as larger crystals depending on the dish. 

 A brightly-lit wall of gourmet sea salts is accented with blue brick

Smoked Salts 

Adding smokiness to foods is a delicate process. Evoolution’s smoked sea salts are cold smoked to ensure an authentic smoky flavour for your dishes.   

Infused Salts 

Salt is a fantastic vehicle for adding hints of other flavours to your food. Evoolution’s selection of infused sea salt includes those with citrus, chilies, and herbs to up your seasoning game. 

Black Truffle Salt 

You may already be familiar with our  Black Truffle Sea Salt, as this decadent salt is a staple at every Evoolution location. Made with real black truffles, this gourmet salt provides a rich, earthy flavour that complements pasta, potatoes, and of course, popcorn. A little goes a long way for this sea salt, so use sparingly! 

If you’ve enjoyed Evoolution’s premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars, why not try out our specialty salts? Click below to watch some of our favourite ways to accent your recipes with gourmet salts!


  • Evoolution

    Hi Linda, thank you for your comment. We are so happy to hear you are enjoying our gourmet salts in your recipes! They really are a simple way to take recipes to the next level. Happy cooking!

  • Linda

    Your salts are incredible! I feel like without much effort, my ordinary cooking becomes “gourmet” with added notes of flavour that elevate everything from salads dressings and stirfries to roasted veggies. This video let me know that you have more varieties than I realized! Time to go shopping! :)

  • Evoolution

    Hi Angie, we are glad you love the Black Truffle Sea Salt- it certainly is a favourite! The Black Truffle Sea Salt is made in the USA with Mediterranean sea salt and Italian black truffles. We love this sea salt on popcorn, creamy soups, pasta, and risotto!

  • Angie

    I use many of your sea salt, it’s all very delicious!
    Truffle one makes everything better as well as the roasted garlic one.
    I love the flakes of maldon sea salt, it melts on food .
    Where is the truffle made salt?

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